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Michael C Piccuirro

Michael C Piccuirro

Technical Director, Creative Technologist, Developer

I have over 15 years experience building amazing technology experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world.  

Bob Greenberg Selects Exhibit - Cooper Hewitt

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Bob Greenberg, the founder of R/GA has a new exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design that opened on February 23rd 2018 and runs until September 2018. I led a team of developers in Buenos Aires.  We built an Android and iOS app that gave users more information about each item on display.   It uses machine learning to detect what object the user's phone camera was pointed at and they could tap to listen to audio tours or get more information.

As you can see from this video I took the machine learning worked REALLY well in this environment.


"I was shocked by how well the app functioned. Scanning was quick and easy. Once I selected the audio, I didn't have to look at my phone to get the information. "  - Mashable


Here's another article from Cool Hunting explaining what the exhibit is all about.


I was also responsible for the AV setup where we had 3 portrait displays showing video content. With two of those videos you could listen to the audio via the app which was sync'ed by a sub-audible Lisnr tone.

The app is currently in the app store and available for download although you really need to be in the exhibit to use it.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store