Bikeity on Google Glass

Back in May of 2013 we received our Google Glass and we were dying to build something on it.  After much deliberation we decided that the best idea would be to integrate with the newly launched CitiBike program.  Users could be on a bike, pull over to the side, quickly get information on the surrounding bike share stations.  Then they could follow the visual and audio directions to their destination.   The application was picked up by Fast Company:


We built and released this app using the Glass Mirror API.  We then submitted it to Google for approval.  They rejected it saying that we should use the new GDK.  So we rebuilt it,  submitted it and as of now it’s the Google approval queue.  

Here’s the site for the application.


I’m Pickles at R/GA

Did you just Google “Who is Pickles at RGA?” to find out who this person is? Well it’s me. Real name is Michael C Piccuirro. I started working at R/GA in 2005 and I’m currently Technical Director of the Prototype Studio and the Data Visualization group. I am also an active software developer for Java, Objective C, HTML/CSS..etc. I’m from New Jersey and here is a picture of me and my son (daughter not pictured):


The nickname came about 15 years ago. It was during the heyday of the show Sopranos. Because of my affiliation with the Garden State coworkers nicknamed me Mickey Pickles as a play on my first and last name. It was then shortened to Pickles and it’s been that ever since.


Montana State University Bozeman

Marc, Wade and I did a few speaking engagements to the students at MSU. This was lots of fun talking the the students about our careers and R/GA. The recruiter actually ended up hiring a couple students at R/GA. Also at the Protoype Studio we nabbed 2 summer interns from MSU. And of course we got to go skiing at Bridger Bowl and drink beer while stewing in a natural hot spring.

Here’s an article about the trip:


Google Livable

Google Livable was a prototype I built with the Google team at R/GA. The idea was to use the Google Places API to give a score to a specific area.

It was never actually released but the prototype won an AICP Next Award. Here’s a video explaining the idea:




Since I started working at R/GA I’ve been working on the Nike+ platform off and on. From 2005 to 2007 I was on the team that built and launched the first version of Nike+. I was a technical lead and backend Java developer building the services the Flash front end used. I also spent time working with Apple on the integration with the iPod and iTunes as well as how to secure the communication.

A few years later I also worked on a major Google Maps integration with the site.