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Welcome to the site of Michael C Piccuirro. I'm the Technical Director of the R/GA prototype studio and Data Visualization group. Always and forever a developer.

Vital Score

Vital Score is an iPad app that you use while in the doctor’s office to quickly asses how healthy you are. I built a phase 1 and phase 2 prototype for them over the course of a few months. They installed the prototype if a few Dr offices and did some user testing. It initially integrated with a Withings scale but we switch to a Pally scale. The Pally scale allowed us to directly connect to the scale via Bluetooth witch allowed for a much better user experience. We then hired an agency to continue development to add user login and roll this out to more doctors.


I’m Pickles at R/GA

Did you just Google “Who is Pickles at RGA?” to find out who this person is? Well it’s me. Real name is Michael C Piccuirro. I started working at R/GA in 2005 and I’m currently Technical Director of the Prototype Studio and the Data Visualization group. I am also an active software developer for Java, Objective C, HTML/CSS..etc. I’m from New Jersey and here is a picture of me and my son (daughter not pictured):


The nickname came about 15 years ago. It was during the heyday of the show Sopranos. Because of my affiliation with the Garden State coworkers nicknamed me Mickey Pickles as a play on my first and last name. It was then shortened to Pickles and it’s been that ever since.


Montana State University Bozeman

Marc, Wade and I did a few speaking engagements to the students at MSU. This was lots of fun talking the the students about our careers and R/GA. The recruiter actually ended up hiring a couple students at R/GA. Also at the Protoype Studio we nabbed 2 summer interns from MSU. And of course we got to go skiing at Bridger Bowl and drink beer while stewing in a natural hot spring.

Here’s an article about the trip:


Lego Vampyre Castle

Cole and I putting his Christmas present together. This is inspired by Cole’s love of EvenTubeHD. Cole really wanted to make an Evan video for himself, so we recorded this in the basement.


Digital Streaker

A team at R/GA came to me with this awesome idea to allow anyone to do attention-grabbing advertising during the Super Bowl. I help them come up with a technical plan to do transparent video, did some quick prototyping then led a development team to launch it.

The challenge here was getting a transparent video to play over an iframe. At the end of the day it worked and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

This site has since been taken down:

Here’s some press:

And the video:

Digital Streaker Case Study from Jenna Livingston on Vimeo.


99 U Conference

Marc, Yap and I did a talk about what the Prototype Studio was about. We touched on a bunch of projects we did and what makes a good prototype.


First ever tweeting cigarette

After getting into a conversation with a coworker about the e-cigarette  we decided to take it upon ourselves to create the first ever connected e-cigarette.  We hooked up an Arduino to the e-cig and created a companion iPhone application that showed the user how much money he was saving and how many minutes he added to his life.  We also had it tweet out every time he went through a theoretical pack of cigarettes. We had a event at the local bar where he used the device all night and now we can say that we created the first connected e-cigarette (as far as Google is concerned).   It even got picked up my some news sites.


Making the Abstract Concrete

Why prototype an application before building it? The common answer to this question is well known: to get more accurate requirements. But what’s behind this? Does a project that develops a prototype produce better requirements than one that doesn’t?


Google Livable

Google Livable was a prototype I built with the Google team at R/GA. The idea was to use the Google Places API to give a score to a specific area.

It was never actually released but the prototype won an AICP Next Award. Here’s a video explaining the idea:


MasterCard Miyamo

Miyamo was my first real production iOS app.  I was the Technical Lead for the development team.  We built an iOS app as well as a Facebook app.  The idea was that it would read your music listening tastes and create a flower that represented it.  It was released in the app store in Mexico and nothing really happened to it since.  But it worked great and looked beautiful.